The old mansion is in desperate need of a makeover, and Emma can’t do it alone. Put your decorating skills into practice, choosing various components for the interior and exterior of the house.

Maximize the fun by being in control of the design process: You’ll get to pick and choose many of the new items and furniture for the mansion, ensuring that you have a say on the final appearance.

Role & Contribution

I was responsible of the major features of this game, as well as the building, management and publishing of the versions.

Some of the tasks I carried out for this project:

  • Integrated, used and modified our existing metagame engine to work with this game
  • Implemented a automatic synchronization bridge for the metagame engine, so it can share the same metagame story as Wordington. This allows for the story to automatically be synchronized and updated in both games.
  • Implemented a new UI framework to easily setup and handle UI popups and HUD elements
  • Follow design guidelines to implement various popups and their functionality.
  • Various general game functionality
  • Built and published new versions on Google play and the App store.

Technical details


Android, iOS





No technical description is available