Can you save these misguided chefs and their crumbling restaurants from the brink of failure? With great expertise and fine taste, Chef Tony Regoli steps up to restore the most shocking venues in town. It’s up to you and him to set things right!

These restaurant owners are in dire need of a wake up call from their Kitchen Nightmares! Only one chef can lift these flawed and stubborn individuals, and help turn their failing restaurants into successful businesses!

Based on the hit TV Series, Kitchen Nightmares is an exciting and dynamic puzzle game with colorful characters from all walks of life. Each chef that you encounter has a unique personality and represents different cuisines.

Role & Contribution

I was responsible of the major features of this game, as well as the building, management and publishing of the versions.

Some of the tasks I carried out for this project:

  • Designed and implemented a new 3D metagame engine from scratch to support the gameplay mechanics of the game. it was designed with a heavy focus on optimization, scalability and reusability.
  • Implemented a new in-game offers system, that is now reused in all other games.
  • Implemented a new UI framework to easily setup and handle UI popups and HUD elements
  • Followed design guidelines to implement various popups and their functionality.
  • Various general game functionality
  • Built and published new versions on Google play and the App store.

Technical details


Android, iOS





No technical description is available