EZ360 makes playing (multiple) videos super easy! No need for complicated and time consuming VR UI.

With 1 video available, the video starts automatically when someone puts on the headset. With multiple videos, a video selection screen appears for the user to select a video. Selecting a video is as easy as looking at the video thumbnail for a few seconds. Once the headset is taken off, the video resets and the application returns to the selection screen, ready for the next user.

EZ360 supports high quality 2D, 180 and 360 monoscopic and stereoscopic videos. Moreover, it supports spatial audio, subtitles and custom video thumbnails. The plethora of basic and advanced settings available allows the users to modify the whole experience to meet their needs.

EZ360 Cloud
While content can be loaded manually to the device, EZ360 was designed to work as a cloud VR player. With your EZ360 account, you can use the EZ360 web portal to upload videos, organize them in playlists and device groups, upload custom background and logo images and modify the app settings.

All of your devices are then paired to your account,  and all the content and settings are automatically downloaded and set on each of those devices. This makes it extremely easy for all of your paired devices to keep up to date automatically.

Technical details


Gear VR, Oculus Go






Visual Studio

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