EZ360 makes playing (multiple) videos super easy. You simply put the videos in the "EZ360" folder on your VR device, and start the app. This removes the hassle that video players like Oculus Video or Samsung VR bring to playing videos by providing a much easier interface.

With 1 video in the folder, the video starts automatically when someone wears the headset. With multiple videos, a video selection screen appears for the user to select a video. Selecting a video can easily be done by looking at a thumbnail for a few seconds. Once the headset is taken off, the video resets and the application returns to the selection screen, ready for the next user.

EZ360 supports high quality 2D, 180 and 360 monoscopic and stereoscopic videos. Currently, there are 4 versions of EZ360:

EZ360 Lite
Lite is the free version, which support all features of the Pro version. This is intended to be used as a demo for potential clients.

This is the regural version of EZ360, which supports most of the main features.

EZ360 Pro
The pro version offers clients ther ability to customize and brand EZ360 player to their liking, by being able to load your own menu 360 background, intro screen, logo and custom video thumbnails. It also offers various extra configurable options through the config file.

EZ360 Cloud
EZ360 Cloud is a web paltform where you can easily manage what videos you want to have on your device(s). By pairing your account with all of your devices, EZ360 app will automatically download and sync all of your Cloud content.


Gear VR, Oculus Go






Visual Studio

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