Eazy ARCore Interface

Unity Asset



Eazy ARCore Interface is a Unity3D plugin which makes development and debugging of ARCore projects easier. Specifically, it simulates how ARCore works in an Android device inside of Unity3D editor. Thus, it allows for faster development of ARCore apps, without the need to build and deploy to the device in order to test fuctionality. Debugging of ARCore apps becomes way easier as well, since executing directly in the editor allows you to utilize Unity debug tools. Moreover, to deploy to the actual device, no changes whatsoever are needed. The exact same project can run in the editor and on the device.

ARCore simulation in the editor is done by automatically creating and simulating a detected plane, with which you can interact the same way as you can with an actual detected plane on a device. detected points are not yet supported for simulation. However, they can still be used on a device by accessing them using the native ARCore SDK.

This tool is experimental and not intended for commercial use. Only the basic features of ARCore were implemented and simulated. If complex features and funtionality are desired, you have to make use of the native ARCore SDK or implement them on your own.





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